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Marine Military Academy Review

Marine Military Academy is located in Harlingen Texas and appeals to young men interested in learning teamwork, respect, and building confidence.  This military summer camp makes time between school semesters a time of  adventure, challenges, success.

Marine Military academy uses a four-week session of fitness and training, helping young men to learn the importance of respect not only within themselves but showing others dew respect as well as building teamwork skills, and building on their self confidence.  Campers will learn how to be a leader, become loyal, and establish long lasting manners.  Routines at camp sound more like a boot camp, but they consider themselves a summer camp.  The goal of Marine Military Academy Summer Camp is for each young man to leave stronger and feel more accomplished.  He will discover his full potential and leave feeling good about the relationships he has built there.

Daily Activities include general sports such as soccer, football, swimming, baseball, basketball and riflery. They will engage in adventous activities like rock climbing, hiking and conoeing to name a few. Also included are mental activities geared toward the building of their future focusing on leadership, team building, and aviation. A military style of encouragement and discipline will be just what your child needs to assure them a future as a strong person not only physically but mentally. The hands on experiences that your child will experience whiel at marine military academy will last them a life time, and it is even a camp that they would want to send their children to.

Many parents view military style boot camps as harsh, and using scare tactics to get their kids into shape both mentally, and physically. However marine military academy does not feel the need to use such harsh tactics. With the activities mentioned before, what child would not have the time of their lives at a summer camp such as the Marine Military Academy?

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Resolution Ranch Review

Not all Texas boot camps are the same. Not all youth camps are designed to use military tactics to frighten children to acquire a desired behavior. You may find this alternative to an ordinary Texas boot camp a great place for your child to learn. Resolution Ranch in Texas uses unique tactics to arm teens with the necessary social decision-making skills they need in order to cope with peer pressure and all negative influences they may face today.

Resolution Ranch is located in the remote Texas countryside, there may offer a program that utilizes intense therapy, nature, and the ability for teens  to confront difficult issues such as substance abuse problems. Having trained staff and licensed therapist to guide your child down the right path to recovery and to learn personal growth by identifying and addressing all of their emotional and self destructive values.

Resolution Ranch claims that your child will develop honest relationships, academic success, and the experience of truly helping others. Resolution Ranch also feels that their program reaffirms the values of family and health, and helps your child get back onto the path that leads to achievement and personal fulfillment.

Upon arrival at resolution Ranch, your child will be assessed by a program director. From there a unique program will be designed and implemented to suit your child. Counselors are there to supervise your child 24 hours a day. Resolution Ranch offers a 12 step program similar to that used by alcoholics anonymous programs, but applying them to your teens problems.

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Texas Boot Camps

Does your child need a wake-up call? Are you considering a Texas boot camp as a means of making that call? Juvenile boot camps were started as an alternative to jail, and have become a great starting place to getting your teen or troubled youth, help. The goal of both state and private environment boot camp’s is just to scare kids straight, generally only giving a good short-term solution.

Although most Texas boot camps are often short-term, long-term boot camps have increased in popularity for their ability to help defiant juveniles improve their behavior both, at home, and at school. The camps are somewhat modeled after military-style discipline, military exercises, intense training, focusing on respect and responsibility. If your teen lacks these qualities a boot camp is an excellent place for your child to successfully get the help they need to transition into adulthood properly.

The experience your child will have at boot camp can help replace destructive attitudes and behaviors with new perspectives on life. If your child is acting out, they may be able to get the quick reality check that they need to turn them around. The sooner you are able to get your child into a boot camp and more chance your child has for change. Statistics show that longer you wait to get your child the discipline they need, the less likely they are to change their behaviors before it is too late.

A true boot camp will include things such things as uniforms, marching in formation, and the yes or no sir mentality. While at camp your child will receive military basic training, and will usually sleep in bunk beds, have footlockers, and have a very strict inspection system that must be completed without error if the child is to survive the camp. Most boot camps do not permit any outside contact for a prescribed period of time, so parents should consider that before sending their child to boot camp. Can your child survived that? Is a boot camp the right place for your troubled teen? That is a question you and your spouse must discuss before obligating your child to spend a fixed amount of time at a boot camp.

Remember most of these boot camp programs were designed as a quick fix only, and may help a struggling team with such aspects of life as, respect, obedience, and appreciation, but These camps are not usually a good long-term option for teens that truly need help.

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Texas Boot Camp Review

What do you think of when you hear the words, “Boot Camp”? Many people are intimidated, and hesitant at the thought of attending a boot camp. For this reason, Texas Boot Camp was created in 2007 at three locations here in Texas unlike the traditional boot camp. They currently have a locations in Fortworth Texas, Dallas Texas, and Houston Texas.

Texas Boot Camp was designed for those people with the desire to achieve great physical results though a tough workout, without having to enroll in a traditional boot camp. Texas Boot Camp offers a tough yet fun program for everyone, of any fitness level, age, or sex. They have boot camp sessions lasting an hour, that are packed full of competitions, calisthenics, and cadence calling.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you feel like you are a beginner, or just want to take it slow and easy instead of an intense program, Texas Boot Camp has designed a Beginner Boot Camp. This beginner boot camp involves more teaching and explaining, with a slower rhythm that their traditional class. Do not be fooled however, you will still leave the class sweating, yet happy. The beginner boot camp meets two times a week, and there you will learn how to maximize your results during workouts sessions, and you will also learn how to make healthy choices when it comes to making food decisions. You will be amazed at what you can do, and how much you can achieve!

Something that I found unique about Texas Boot Camp, is that they offer classes for pregnant or expecting women. They call these classes trimester trainer. These classes break down movements that are appropriate for expectant mothers allowing them to maintain their endurance, strengthen their heart, and challenge their muscles in a safe way. Then right after delivery, moms can bounce right back into shape with their banish the belly class. This class allows them to bring their child with them to class, while they get back into shape.

Texas Boot Camp believes that nothing should get between you and being healthy. They do not want the weight of everyday life and the stress that goes along with it to keep you from staying in shape. Texas Boot Camp will teach, push, and encourage you to get you into the best shape of your life. Their instructors specialize in in weight loss management, and weight maintenance. Their military style workout programs will put a smile on your face, and whip you into shape in no time!

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Lone Star Expeditions Review

Lone Star expeditions, another therapeutic alternative to your typical Texas boot camp. Lone Star expeditions is a licensed wilderness treatment program with a focus on intervention. This Texas program combines traditional therapy with a wilderness setting to encourage students to explore their character in  a safe yet challenging environment.

Lone Star expedition claims that their base camp provides one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective wilderness programs in the nation. They accept teenagers from ages 13 to 17. Their program employs the use of natural forest, and rope courses. Lone Star expeditions focuses on transferring the knowledge learned in the wilderness to help other areas of the everyday lives. The idea is to get your child away from their everyday modern distractions and help them simplify choices to allow them to gain insight into their own values and accept responsibility for all their actions and decisions.

Lone Star expedition offers for program phases and through these phases they will experience success and develop healthy self-esteem while improving personal relationships. Lone Star expeditions is located in each Texas in the southern pine forests near Houston Texas.

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